"Trooper" VC Silvershot's Lil' Tom Boy SDX, NA I, UT I (Field Pointed)

Meet our Dogs!

Meet our Girls

"Shadow" Silvershot's N' Southpaw's Kinda Shady NA I

Silvershot's Great Expectations NA I, UT I

"Tanner"  VC Skeeter's Tannerbaum MH, SDX, RDX, NA I, UT I (Field Pointed)

We here at Silvershot call ourselves a "Kennel" but you won't see any kennels here.  We consider our dogs family members and they all live within our homes. This is one of many reason we strive to produce dogs that when trained properly will become family companions that have great temperaments for in-home living without losing their drive in the field!

All of the dogs that we use in our breeding program are hard running passionate hunters that point well and are eager retrievers on land and in the water. We steady our dogs to "wing, shot and fall" because we feel that a completely trained steady dog that maintains it's drive and style in the field shows the mental soundness that we want and strive to produce.

Do our Silvershot dogs hold movie star status brag cards? Yes they do! Our dogs have been featured on Animal Planet’s “Breed All About It”, The Outdoor Show (twice), Michigan Out of Doors (twice) and our local news segment called “Hook and Hunting”. They have also been featured in publications such as; Pointing Dog Journal, Gun Dog Magazine, Covey Rise Magazine and books such as Pointing Dogs Volume One: The Continentals, by Craig Koshyk and the amazing book Weimaraner Ways!

"Ace" Silvershot's Amazing Ace NA III, UT I (204)

"Misty" Silvershot's Misty Morning NA I (112 pts)

"Dodger" Silvershot's Artful Dodger NA I, 2 x UT I (204)

"River" Silvershot's  N' Southpaw's Run'in River NA I( 112 pts)


" Panzer" Silvershot's Aspen BlitzKrieg  NA I, UT I

Meet our Boys!

"Ranger" VC Silvershot's Phantom Ranger NA I, UT I, (195 pts)



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Pip is a true natural talent and received a Natural Ability Prize I Maximum score at the unbelievable age of 16 weeks young!  Pip is pictured here pointing in the grouse woods her first season!  What a girl!

"Carly" VC Silvershot’s Mirage V. Reiteralm SDX, RDX, NA I, 3 x UT I (Field Pointed)

"Henri"  Silvershot's Pocket Rocket NA I, 2 x UT I