Our Pups in Action!

All of our Sires and Dams have been OFA rated "Good" or better or have been PennHip scored in the upper percentile.  Most of them have had their elbows OFA evaluated, have been Thyroid Tested "Normal" and CERF'd for inheritable eye problems, HUU & HYPM Normal.
If you are interested in a Silvershot puppy please contact Judy Balog for more information.  Pedigrees and references are available upon request.

                                   or 231-938-4426 Eastern Time.


We are now taking deposits for our 2024 litters!


Our Puppies!


All of our 2023 Pups are spoken for! 

Since we are a small kennel we usually have one or two litters per year.  We do extensive research on our chosen sires and believe it or not, it can take us a up to year to find a suitable fellow.  Our sires must be free of any health issues, have a friendly and stable temperament, have a athletic working build and most importantly they must have what it takes to be a first class high desire versatile hunting dog!

 Our pups are raised in our homes which makes it easy to evaluate them from birth. They are well socialized with people, other animals, introduced to car rides, taken for romps in the fields and woods, introduced to birds and water if the weather permits.

 Properly caring for and evaluating a litter of pups is a huge endeavor and we love every minute of it.  We realize that picking a puppy from a litter can be an exciting time for a family but we feel it is very important to place our puppies with their new owners.  We have been watching these little guys for 8 weeks and our goal is to give our new owners a puppy that will grow into a dog that will easily live up to their expectations.  Before our puppies are placed an overall evaluation is done at 7 week when they are tested for a variety of versatile traits.  All of the pups are scored, the scores are then recorded and this information helps to aid us in their placement.

 We will accept 8 deposits per litter and our puppies are always spoken for before birth.       

Sorry, we will only sell to hunters!  

If you are seeking a companion dog start your search here.  WCA Breeder Referral.

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We have a very exciting 2024 Spring litter: